Soil Food by Kurt’s Dirt

Soil Food by Kurt’s Dirt

Kurt Mitschke: Kurt’s Dirt

In the middle of Sunshine Community Garden in Austin, Texas is where you’ll find Kurt on most summer days. In Kurt’s Dirt, if you will. His father introduced him to gardening at such a young age, he can’t remember a time without it. Even as a child he was fascinated by the idea and practice of growing his own food, so about five years ago he found a community garden where he could plant a garden of his own. Now he wants to show others how enjoyable and rewarding food gardening can be, and hopes to inspire others to grow their own food, too.

Kurt shares his experiments and experiences in urban gardening on his Kurt’s Dirt Instagram page, celebrating the beauty of small-space gardening through stunning photography. He especially loves planting uncommon vegetable varieties and finding new ways to grow vertically to maximize his limited garden space. Kurt is also a world explorer – he’s using the garden off-season to travel and collect inspiration for his next gardening project, which is resulting in some stellar off-season garden images from his journey.

Kurt’s fertilizing focus has always been on improving his soil to optimize nutrient uptake, so his Kurt’s Dirt Soil Food blend is a balanced, organic soil booster that focuses on feeding life in the soil to help gardeners everywhere achieve their best vegetable and herb gardens ever, with a focus on healthier soil, stronger plants, and heavier yields.

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