What’s growing in Angela’s garden? Love, for one. “The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” This quote by Gertrude Jekyll sums up this mother of five’s gardening philosophy and motivations. Early memories of her grandparents’ garden and her mother showing her the tiny buds that would grow into vibrant flowers planted that love of gardening in Angela. After years of apartment living and tiny yards, Angela and her family moved to Arizona nine years ago and finally built the garden she’d been dreaming of. She enjoys growing flowers and loves being able to provide most of the fruits and vegetables her family eats.

Angela shares her extensive organic gardening knowledge through her Growing in the Garden website and Instagram page Angela is a certified Master Gardener, and she loves sharing what she’s learned through her classes, experiences and fellow gardeners. For novice gardeners, she has even created a step-by-step gardening guide to take some of the guesswork out of gardening for the first time.

Angela’s GROWING.IN.THE.GARDEN Blend is all about feeding the soil that feeds her family – with a little added convenience built in. It includes many fertilizer ingredients she has been feeding her soil individually for years, like worm castings, AZOMITE®, blood meal, bone meal and gypsum. Creating a pre-mixed blend combines them in just the right proportion to let her spend her fertilizer mixing and calculating time doing more enjoyable garden tasks. She hopes that her mix can feed others’ gardens and families, too. 

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