Epic Soil Starter

Epic Soil Starter

Kevin Espiritu: Epic Gardening

The lead gardener behind Epic Gardening has only been gardening for six years, and he came to it in an unlikely way. Kevin was looking for a hobby to get his brother outdoors and off video games, and his brother chose gardening, of all things. One problem: Kevin lived in a condo. But a little thing like lack of outdoor space would never stop Kevin, so he started out with a small hydroponic setup. From there, his growing passion for gardening led to increasingly innovative hydroponic contraptions that attracted the interest of friends hoping to tap into his growing knowledge of the art and science of urban gardening.

All Kevin’s research, experiences and knowledge sharing led to the launch of Epic Gardening https://www.epicgardening.com/. Part gardening resource, part online community, part social movement, the mission of Epic Gardening is simple: to help 10,000,000 people around the world learn how to grow plants. From aquaponics and hydroponics to houseplants and backyard gardens… if you’re sowing seeds in small spaces, Epic Gardening has something for you.

Kevin’s Epic Soil Starter blend is designed to be able to get a new raised bed set up and actually producing in the very first season. He knows that 40% of new gardeners never make it to their second season, so he’d like to help more novice gardeners achieve the results that keep them gardening for years to come.

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