Coop Companion

Coop Companion

Lisa Steele: Fresh Eggs Daily

As a 5th generation chicken keeper and Maine Master Gardener, Lisa knows that better gardens make for happier, healthier chickens. She grew up on a small farm across from her grandparents’ chicken farm and raised chickens and rabbits growing up. Her family always had a large vegetable garden, which is where her love of working in the soil began. After a short stint on Wall Street (where she raised herbs in the windowsill of her tiny apartment), she moved back to New England to farm and proudly carry on her family traditions.  

Lisa is the founder of Fresh Eggs Daily, the popular natural chicken keeping site, and the author of several books including Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens Naturally and Gardening with Chickens. As an accomplished gardener and aspiring herbalist, she is dedicated to raising her animals as naturally as possible, and offers practical, down-to-earth and time-tested homeopathic advice for raising healthy chickens. She provides her readers with her easy, fun and accessible approach to integrating gardening and backyard chickens for a more productive flock and more bountiful harvest.

Lisa wants to encourage more chicken keepers to get interested in gardening. She created her blend, Coop Companion, to complement the chicken manure, feathers and eggshells they already have on hand to help nourish their garden soil. 

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