Acid Adoring 4-5-4



Designed for high performing flowers and berries that require low pH soil

Give your garden a balanced diet of macro and micronutrients to keep them strong and beautiful from root to bloom or berry – and every part in between. Designed for flowers and berries that love low pH soil, Garden Maker™ Naturals Acid Adoring fertilizer contains a variety of natural and organic ingredients to keep your plants and soil microbes nourished and thriving.

4 LB. Bag

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SKU: 9&851000&4211.85 Categories: , , ,

Features and Benefits

  • Balanced nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for strong root, plant, berry and bloom growth
  • Rich in micronutrients including iron, for optimal growth and production
  • Helps manage soil pH
  • All natural ingredients safe for use around children and pets
  • No manure, biosolids or sludge
  • Coarse powder product form
Best For

Plants that thrive in acidic soil, including azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, hydrangeas, gardenias, evergreens, holly, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, dogwoods, and magnolias.

New plants: Add 1 cup Garden Maker™ Acid Adoring fertilizer per 5 gallons of soil. After planting, sprinkle an additional ½ cup fertilizer around the base of the plant, then apply mulch.

Established plants: Top-dress monthly during the growing season with 1 cup Garden Maker™ Acid Adoring fertilizer per foot of plant height or branch spread. Gently work into the mulch at the base of the plant. Since many acid-loving plants have surface roots, try not to disturb the soil.

Berries: For new berry plants, apply 1 lb Garden Maker™ Acid Adoring fertilizer per 50 feet of row space at planting and 30 days later. For established berry rows, broadcast 2 to 3 lbs per row of space once in the spring, before growth starts, and once again in May.

Five pounds of Garden Maker™ Acid Adoring is enough fertilizer for a single application on 250 row feet of new berry plants or 100 row feet of established berry plants or flowers.

Safety & Storage
We recommend storing this fertilizer in a dry, sealed container.

Garden Maker™ Naturals fertilizers are packaged in kraft paper bags that are 100% recyclable, compostable and/or biodegradable.

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product (pdf)

  • 30% Cottonseed meal – Slow-release nitrogen source that won’t raise soil pH
  • 11% Alfalfa meal – Balanced source of nitrogen and potassium that also includes the root stimulant triacontanol
  • 11% NaturalPhos™ organic steamed bone meal – Highly available phosphorus source with naturally occurring calcium
  • 10% Organic meat and bone meal – Porcine (swine) nitrogen source that also contributes calcium and iron
  • 10% Wheat middlings – Balanced nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium source with food value for essential soil microbes
  • 7% Organic potassium sulfate – Source of potassium and sulfate mined from the Great Salt Lake
  • 5% Organic feather meal – Cost-effective source of slow-release nitrogen
  • 5% Dried molasses – Excellent source of carbohydrates to feed microbes in the soil
  • 3% AZOMITE® – Source of calcium, magnesium and a banquet of other essential trace nutrients
  • 3% Organic humic acid – Soil conditioner to help chelate soil minerals for optimized uptake in plants
  • 2% Fish meal – Nitrogen and phosphorus source with naturally occurring calcium and unique trace nutrient profile
  • 2% Organic kelp meal – Source of iron, manganese and other trace nutrients and contributor to the accumulation of humus in soil
  • 1% Organic blood meal – Porcine (swine) source of nitrogen and iron for green leaves

Total Nitrogen (N)……………………………………… 4%
Available Phosphate (P2O5)………………………. 5%
Soluble Potash (K2O)………………………………… 4%


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