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About Garden Maker™ Naturals

At Garden Maker™ Naturals, we believe you have the fundamental right to know every ingredient you are feeding your plants and your soil. After all, you can’t truly know what you grow until you know what’s in your fertilizer. We operate our company and build our products with core values: Total Transparency and Natural Nutrition 


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Total Transparency

We call our formulation philosophy Full Plantsparency. We show you the exact formulas for all our Signature Blends; every ingredient, every proportion. Sure, someone else could come along and copy our formula, but so what? For us, it’s not about offering product formulas that no one else has, it’s about offering a level of transparency that no one else provides.

To us, transparency also means minimal messing around with Mother Nature, and making sure every fertilizer ingredient delivers real, garden-growing benefits. In our Signature Blends, every single ingredient serves a nutrient-boosting or microbe-feeding purpose. 

Natural Nutrition

We believe that Mother Nature has provided every ingredient necessary to grow beautiful, bountiful gardens – but those nutrients aren’t always exactly where we want them, when our gardens need them. That’s why all of our ingredients are straight from nature, or naturally derived with a minimum of meddling.

Biodiversity is key to your soil’s long-term health. That’s why most of our Signature Blends include multiple sources of the same macro nutrients. Each ingredient brings a different nutrient release speed and trace mineral profile, providing a banquet of nutrients for the microbes in your soil. Feeding the microbes is what drives the long-term health and fertility of your soil, so we try our best to give them a balanced diet.

Natural and organic ingredients are also important for ensuring the safety of pets and people who are enjoying your lush lawn and fruitful gardens. You will find no toxic chemicals or man-made chemicals in our products. When used as directed, all of our ingredients are safe for children and pets – even immediately after they are applied.