Build Your Custom Fertilizer

To begin building the perfect mix for your garden's needs, pick a plant type below. We'll provide a base formula tailored to what you're growing. From there, you can add, delete or adjust ingredients in any proportion you choose. Or select Start from Scratch to build your bag of natural nutrition from the ground up.

How it Works

Our custom mixes combine the convenience of premixed fertilizers with the flexibility and customization of individual ingredients. Simply pick your desired ingredients and assign percentages to each ingredient until you fill your bag and achieve your dream fertilizer.


Choose your base

Pick a plant type to pre-load a base formula that is specially tailored to that plant's most common nutritional needs, or choose "Start from Scratch" to build a formula from the ground up, one ingredient at a time.


Customize your ingredients

Add or delete ingredients, or change how much of each goes into your formula. Watch your Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium levels change with each choice, along with your total price.


Pick a package size and design

Pick a package size and design, name your mix, and add it to your wheelbarrow. Creating an (optional) account will let you save your mix specifications for easy reordering next time.