1. Good Fences Make Good Gardens

    Good Fences Make Good Gardens

    At first, we just sprayed a bloodmeal-based deer repellent around the perimeter of the garden. That worked for the first year or so. Read more
  2. Examine the Essentials: Magnesium 

    Examine the Essentials: Magnesium 

    Have you ever looked at a leaf and thought, “that looks positively skeletal”? Read more
  3. Timely Tips: September

    Timely Tips: September

    In all climates, it’s a great time to plant bulbs for spring-blooming flowers and fertilize roses one last time for the season. And this time of year is one of the best times to seed or sod new lawns. Read more
  4. Savor the Flavor

    Savor the Flavor

    All those amazing flavors start for me when I am planning the garden each year. My goal is to plant things my family will eat, enjoy and I can preserve using as many homegrown ingredients as possible. Read more
  5. Seed Saving Part 2: Vegetables

    Seed Saving Part 2: Vegetables

    Saving seeds isn’t just for flower gardeners! Seeds from open pollinated vegetables can also be saved successfully for one or more years, saving money and time spent flipping through seed websites. Read more
  6. Annual Savings, by Saving Annual Flower Seeds

    Annual Savings, by Saving Annual Flower Seeds

    Why not try saving some seeds from your favorite annuals this year, and plant them next season? Read more
  7. Food Preserving Hacks

    Food Preserving Hacks

    That special time of year when hubby and I look deep into each other’s eyes and say, “Why the *%^#$* did we plant 200 tomato plants again this year?!?!?” Read more