1. Beneficial Bugs:  Bacteria Basics

    Beneficial Bugs: Bacteria Basics

    Bacteria gets a bad rap sometimes – the newspapers seem to only report on the pathogenic ones, like E. coli. But when it comes to healthy, fertile soil, many species of bacteria are welcome and essential tenants – heroes, even. Read more
  2. Timely Tips: March

    Timely Tips: March

    The Vernal Equinox on March 20 official beginning of spring; the day that days become longer than nights and the warmth we’ve been longing for starts arriving. Read more
  3. Examine the Essentials: Calcium

    Examine the Essentials: Calcium

    Poor, underappreciated calcium. Is it because its chemical symbol has 2 letters, and N-P-K-Ca doesn’t have the same ring as N-P-K? Read more
  4. Great Gardeners – George Washington

    Great Gardeners – George Washington

    President’s Day is right around the corner, or as it was originally known, Washington’s Birthday. So what better time to talk about our first Gardener-In-Chief, George Washington? Read more
  5. Timely Tips: February

    Timely Tips: February

    Winter, winter, go away; in the garden we want to play! Garden season still feels far away… unless you’re in the far southern regions. Read more
  6. Testing… Testing… Time to Plan for Soil Testing!

    Testing… Testing… Time to Plan for Soil Testing!

    You may have noticed in the usage instructions for our Single Ingredient fertilizers we always include the line "may be adjusted based on your soil test or other factors." Read more
  7. Why We Made Garden Maker™ Naturals

    Why We Made Garden Maker™ Naturals

    So why did we make Garden Maker™? Simply put, we want to help gardeners grow their best possible gardens, on their own terms. Read more