1. Examine the Essentials: Phosphorus

    Examine the Essentials: Phosphorus

    Just like phosphorus is important for strong bones, it is important for strong plant foundations because of its important role in root development. Read more
  2. Helpful Hints: Companion Planting

    Helpful Hints: Companion Planting

    Companion planting is all about using strategic placement to take advantage of all the garden advantages each plant has to offer. Here are a few tips to get you started planning your garden layout. Read more
  3. Meet the Microbes: Functional Fungi

    When we talk about beneficial soil fungi, we’re not talking toadstools – we’re talking about the microscopic ones you can’t see, but definitely need in your garden. Read more
  4. Timely Tips: April

    Timely Tips: April

    There’s planting and budding and leafing and blooming happening all over the place, now. Garden centers are extending their hours, we’re digging our tools out of storage, and our fingernails (or at least our gloves) are finally getting delightfully dirty again. Read more
  5. Introducing Our Newest, Most Effective Fertilizer Ever

    Introducing Our Newest, Most Effective Fertilizer Ever

    They said it couldn’t be produced commercially, but we’ve done it. Read more
  6. Examine The Essentials:  Nitrogen

    Examine The Essentials: Nitrogen

    Today we’re taking a closer look at what many gardeners consider to be the big dog of fertilizer macronutrients: nitrogen. Read more
  7. Lessons Learned Starting Seeds

    Lessons Learned Starting Seeds

    We are a learn-as-we-go, better-every-year gardening family. And we’ve had plenty of learning experiences (ahem, mishaps) along the way… starting with where we start our seeds. Read more