1. Timely Tips: August

    Timely Tips: August

    The dog days of summer have arrived, and water remains a key concern for gardeners everywhere. It’s also a time to balance keeping the gardens going while starting fall preparations. Read more
  2. Amazing Arthropods

    Amazing Arthropods

    Now that we’ve covered most of the key microbes, it’s time to discuss some larger life forms in healthy soil. Arthropods are the largest group of living organisms in the world, ranging from microscopic mites to king crabs. Read more
  3. Examine the Essentials: Sulphur

    Examine the Essentials: Sulphur

    It can be tempting to turn up your nose at the idea of adding sulfur to your soil. After all, many of us associate sulfur with that rotten egg smell well water can sometimes have. Read more
  4. Timely Tips: July

    Timely Tips: July

    The word on every gardener’s lips this month is WATER. With July usually being the hottest, driest month, water management is the name of the game for keeping gardens going strong into August. Read more
  5. Fireworks in the Garden

    Fireworks in the Garden

    Since today is a holiday, we’re going to delay our usual monthly tips a week and have a little Fourth of July fun instead. Read more
  6. Dig Deeper: Pest Prevention

    Dig Deeper: Pest Prevention

    When the bugs start biting in the garden, that’s when it can be hard to stay on the organic path. But there are some good non-chemical prevention measures to take instead. Read more
  7. The Never-Ending War on Weeds

    The Never-Ending War on Weeds

    True confessions time: I have a weed problem. Read more