Michelle and her husband raise a vegetable garden, a few hives of honeybees, the occasional flock of chickens and two gardener-in-training daughters on their north-of-nearly-everywhere hobby farm. She’s digging in with both hands, learning a little more and getting a little better every year, so it’s not perfect – it’s #GardeningIRL.

  1. Record Keeping

    Record Keeping

    It’s not too late for a new New Year’s resolution, is it? Because this year, I resolve to keep more gardening records. Read more
  2. My 2018 Resolution: “Master” My Garden

    My 2018 Resolution: “Master” My Garden

    The idea of mastering the art & science of gardening seems absurd to me. There’s always something to learn, some new technique new to try, and a host of unforeseen circumstances that keep us gardeners humble and searching for answers. Read more
  3. The Giving Gardener

    The Giving Gardener

    There are so many ways for gardeners to give, as many as there are gardeners, really. Read more
  4. Good Fences Make Good Gardens

    Good Fences Make Good Gardens

    At first, we just sprayed a bloodmeal-based deer repellent around the perimeter of the garden. That worked for the first year or so. Read more
  5. Food Preserving Hacks

    Food Preserving Hacks

    That special time of year when hubby and I look deep into each other’s eyes and say, “Why the *%^#$* did we plant 200 tomato plants again this year?!?!?” Read more
  6. The Never-Ending War on Weeds

    The Never-Ending War on Weeds

    True confessions time: I have a weed problem. Read more
  7. Raising Kids in the Garden

    Raising Kids in the Garden

    We’ve got friends who built a fence around their garden to keep their kids from trampling all the treasures inside. But for us, raising kids in the garden is almost as important as raising vegetables. Read more

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