Mmm…mmm… Molasses! Not the kind in your pantry, but the kind you spread on your lawn or in your garden. Molasses is an often-overlooked soil amendment that feeds vital microbial activity in your garden. While it does not contribute any meaningful nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium, it does have something pretty sweet – sugar. More than anything, molasses is a great energy source for soil bacteria that thrive on simple carbohydrates.

These simple sugars are important for green growth in your lawn or garden, because a robust bacteria population is necessary for converting the nitrogen in organic fertilizers into a form that plants can actually use. By feeding your bacteria molasses, you help speed up the nitrogen conversion process, which makes a lawn green up more quickly than if you apply a nitrogen fertilizer alone.

Adding molasses to your compost pile can also supplement your “green” compost materials, to provide a better microbial balance. Molasses boosts up your bacterial population if you’ve gotten a little too heavy on the “brown” materials that primarily feed fungi. For a compost pile, you could actually drizzle a little liquid molasses from your kitchen on the pile if you wanted to. But for applying to lawns & gardens, we think the fine meal or flake form of our Dried Molasses is a lot easier to apply – keeping you out of a (literally) sticky situation!