One of the more unique ingredients in our fertilizers may be distillers grains, also known as DDGs (dried distillers grains). They are another example of using a byproduct from an industry to feed plants and return nutrients to the soil. In this case, the distilling industries. Once beer is brewed or ethanol is distilled, the “spent grains” are dried and sold for animal feed or fertilizer. Distillers grains from ethanol are almost always corn, while those from beer brewers are mostly barley. Most distillers grains on the market come from the ethanol industry.

With either grain, there is still plenty of nutrition left to feed your soil microbes and plants. The 5% nitrogen level in our distillers grains can help support green growth, while the touch of phosphorus contributes to plant hardiness. Like other natural and organic fertilizers, distillers grains add trace minerals and organic matter to the soil.

Distillers grains are typically used for lawns, corn, trees, shrubs and other plants with high nitrogen, but they are also appropriate for vegetable, fruit, herb, flower and rose gardens. Some research has suggested that distillers grains may improve tomato yield. Since they are typically more economical than other nitrogen sources, they can also help increase the productivity of your fertilizer budget.