When it comes to urban gardening, it doesn’t get more epic than Epic Gardening  epicgardening.com. Part gardening resource, part online community, part social movement, the mission of Epic Gardening is simple: to help 10,000,000 people around the world learn how to grow plants. From aquaponics and hydroponics to houseplants and backyard gardens… if you’re sowing seeds in small spaces, Epic Gardening has something for you.

The big thinker behind this growing resource is Kevin. You could say he’s the ultimate garden maker – making space for a garden where there wasn’t any, with a small hydroponic setup in his condo. From there, his ingenuity and growing passion for gardening led to increasingly innovative hydroponic contraptions that attracted the interest of friends who wanted to tap into his growing knowledge of the art and science of urban gardening. Thankfully for all of us, he has been willing to share! We recently had a chance to harvest a few insights from Kevin with a quick interview.

Ten million gardeners is an epic goal – how did you pick that number? Well, initially I picked 1 million but then looked at my website traffic this year and realized I would hit 2 million, so I figured why not multiply it by 10! I want as many people as possible to reconnect to nature and grow their own plants or food, so the more the better.

What is the most interesting thing you learned about gardening this year? The most interesting thing I learned about gardening this year was actually about fungi, not gardening. I got really into mycology and have been experimenting with oyster and lion's mane mushroom growing in my spare time.

What is your biggest gardening success story so far? I’d have to say my "infinite basil system." I use a succession-planting hydroponic approach to get huge basil plants week after week for endless pesto, salads, etc.

What is one thing your garden will never be without, and one thing you won’t allow in your garden at all? Now that I installed drip irrigation in my front yard garden, I don't think I'd ever go back to watering every bed by hand. I'm also a huge fan of expandable hoses. As far as what I won't allow...ANY PESTS. I've had valuable crops decimated by annoying pests so as soon as I see them, I go into eradication mode.

For more epic insights from Kevin and his contributing community of urban gardening experts and enthusiasts, check out the Epic Gardening blog, You Tube channelpodcast or social media sites.