Since today is a holiday, we’re going to delay our usual monthly tips a week and have a little Fourth of July fun instead. Nothing says Independence Day like fireworks after dusk. But what about those long daylight hours before? File this away for planning next year’s garden: we found four fabulous plants to turn your garden into a stunning, living firework display.

Allium: Perhaps no flower looks quite as much like an exploding firework as the allium. Brightly colored spikes like streaks in the sky, capped off with little tufts at the end that look so much like fireworks that you might inadvertently find yourself saying “ooooh… ahh…” Alliums are members of the onion family, so if you’ve got some second-year onions in your vegetable garden, you might find similar white blossoms there, as well.

Aster: There’s a reason the name sounds like “asteroid” – they both come from the Greek word for “star.” These flowers bear an out-of-this-world resemblance to an exploded firework, and with almost 200 varieties in a wide range of colors, you can create just about any color effect you can dream up.

Fountain Grass: Are your kids or grandkids too young for sparklers? Send them running around the yard with a stem of fountain grass instead. Cherry Sparkler and Firework varieties have the most vibrant red/purple color, while green and white Skyrocket fountain grass provides a more muted effect.

Globe Amaranth: Predominantly red, purple and white in color, Globe amaranth, also called gomphrena, often have yellow-tipped petals that add an additional splash of color. And since they hold their color and shape well after drying, you can build them into dried flower arrangements to keep that feeling of celebration all year long.