1. Meet the ‘Maker: Kevin at Epic Gardening

    Meet the ‘Maker: Kevin at Epic Gardening

    When it comes to urban gardening, it doesn’t get more epic than Epic Gardening Read more
  2. Examine the Essentials: Chlorine

    Examine the Essentials: Chlorine

    As with everything, though, too much of a good thing is also bad – an overabundance of chlorine can cause a plant to form thicker, smaller leaves or cause older leaves to yellow along the edges. Read more
  3. Record Keeping

    Record Keeping

    It’s not too late for a new New Year’s resolution, is it? Because this year, I resolve to keep more gardening records. Read more
  4. Ingredients In-Depth: AZOMITE®

    Ingredients In-Depth: AZOMITE®

    First off, a huge thank you to Rollin J. Anderson, the geologic prospector who first commercialized AZOMITE in 1942. Read more
  5. Soil Science: Algae

    Soil Science: Algae

    Now that we’ve covered the most important organisms in the soil food web from bacteria to birds, we’ll circle back to some peripheral players. Read more
  6. Ingredients In-Depth: Alfalfa Meal

    Ingredients In-Depth: Alfalfa Meal

    At Garden Maker, we love alfalfa meal, which is exactly what it sounds like – a meal made with ground up alfalfa. Read more
  7. My 2018 Resolution: “Master” My Garden

    My 2018 Resolution: “Master” My Garden

    The idea of mastering the art & science of gardening seems absurd to me. There’s always something to learn, some new technique new to try, and a host of unforeseen circumstances that keep us gardeners humble and searching for answers. Read more