1. Examine the (Almost) Essentials: Sodium

    Examine the (Almost) Essentials: Sodium

    If your soil test shows excessive salt levels, adding organic matter and improving drainage can reduce soil salinity. Read more
  2. Ingredients In-Depth: Distillers Grains

    Ingredients In-Depth: Distillers Grains

    Distillers grains from ethanol are almost always corn, while those from beer brewers are mostly barley. Read more
  3. Growing Groaners (Back to School Garden Jokes)

    Growing Groaners (Back to School Garden Jokes)

    I thought I’d share a few of our favorite gardening jokes. Read more
  4. Meet the ‘Maker: Bill, Builder of Fertilizer Formulas

    Meet the ‘Maker: Bill, Builder of Fertilizer Formulas

    You can thank Bill, our Chief Formulator, for the balanced nutrients you’re feeding your soil and plants. Read more
  5. Examine the Essentials: Nickel

    Examine the Essentials: Nickel

    Nickel is a component of the enzyme that metabolizes urea into ammonia, making the nitrogen available to plants. Read more
  6. Second-Guessing Our Garden Decisions

    Second-Guessing Our Garden Decisions

    Decisions, decisions, decisions. Gardening is one giant series of decisions, isn’t it? Read more
  7. Ingredients In-Depth: Kelp Meal

    Ingredients In-Depth: Kelp Meal

    If your soil could use a micronutrient boost, kelp can help! Read more