Natural and organic fertilizers with complete ingredient transparency, custom-mixed for your garden’s unique needs.

What We Make

Signature Blends

Our best-selling formulas, tailor-made for whatever you're growing.

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Custom Mixes

Made-to-order fertilizer, mixed & packaged to your exact specifications.

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Single Ingredients

Individual fertilizer components for the ultimate in DIY flexibility.

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How We Make It

Total Transparency

We show you every ingredient in every fertilizer we make, so you always know exactly what you're feeding your plants and soil.

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Complete Control

Create your own made-to-order fertilizer with one of our many individual ingredients, in any proportion you desire.

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Natural Nutrients

No man-made chemicals, no secret "technology," just wholesome plant and soil nutrition straight from nature.

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From the Shed
  • November 6, 2018

    Soil Science: Too Much of a Good Nutrient Can Be Bad

    If essential nutrients are really essential for healthy plant growth and development, more is better, right? Continue reading...
  • October 23, 2018

    Examine the (Almost) Essentials: Silicon

    Silicon is not considered an essential element for plants because not every plant needs silicon to live or thrive. But for some plants, silicon is a life or death matter. Continue reading...

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